Life without drugs

Vinnie* was trying to get sober but the thought of living without her next hit and the high that followed was scary. She had forgotten what life looked like before she had gotten addicted to pain meds. Now her every day was spent trying to get clean and stay clean but finding the motivation to do that was hard. 

You can probably relate to Vinny irrespective of what you are addicted to and we want to offer you hope. The hope that you can find joy in your life outside of drugs. The hope that you will be able to beat the temptation to give in to your urges repeatedly. Hope that even if you slipped back into old rhythms you can get back up again. Hope that you can live a normal life with its ups and downs. 

Life before the drug addiction

Maybe for as long as you can remember, your life has been marked by the rollercoaster ride of drug addiction. You have forgotten what life before even looked like. It could be that you remember it with a twinge of sadness or worry because it wasn’t the most exciting life. As you contemplate getting clean, we want you to try and remember the good parts of that life. The celebrations with family, the laughter with friends, the quiet moments with yourself and the steady life of work mingled with rest. If that wasn’t your life before the drug addiction it can be your life after. 

Life after the drug addiction

No matter what memories are popping up in your mind right now as you read this, you have the power to create new memories for yourself. You can choose to make new friends or even rekindle old ones. You can choose to take up a job that keeps you occupied throughout the day. You can decide to meet with family and be part of gatherings that you previously may have avoided. You can take a few minutes every day to sit in the sunshine or take a walk while breathing deeply. The choices are endless but it will all come down to what you will choose. Will you choose a life that is lived to its fullest or will you choose to go back down the dark and bleak roads of addiction? 

Mundane is not bad

After the torrid highs of drug addiction, it’s possible that you are dreading going back to a buzz-free life. This life, sans the haze of drugs and the whirlwind of emotions that are experienced through them, is actually not that bad! In fact, the mundane can be remarkably miraculous. You will discover the joys of regular conversations, being with those you love, a hot meal, a sunny morning or even a new rose blossom on your terrace. Things that were practically unseen to you until now, will suddenly be as clear as crystal. You will discover that the regular life is a good life. It will need you to be present though. You will have to make up your mind to be fully alert to what you are doing, experiencing and thinking so that you don’t get sidetracked. 

Reach out for help

If you or someone you know requires help while dealing with drug addiction, get in touch with us. You don’t have to walk the path to recovery alone. It takes a village to heal and bounce back so that you can enjoy life to its fullest!

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