Porn romanticises sexual violence

Have you ever stopped watching porn midway and wondered about the actors in porn films? You probably haven’t but maybe you could because they are humans, just like you, who have signed up to put their bodies on display in order to gratify a stranger’s needs. Think about this- these actors have no say in the script that they are presented with and are forced to participate in storylines that romanticize incest, paedophilia, rape and sadistic sexual behaviour. 

In a regular world, these constitute criminal behavior and are even punishable by law in some countries. Yet porn makes it appear like this is acceptable and normal even. 

Watching is condoning 

Every time we watch pornography and relish the twisted plot lines we are unconsciously or consciously condoning these criminal acts. We are not participating in the act but we are part of it visually and are therefore complicit. Our involvement, however passive, is involvement nonetheless. How do you feel about that?

Love is not violence

The demonstration of love should never be violent or invasive in nature. Love is kind, gentle, selfless, patient and generous. Porn displays none of these traits and in fact, puts on display the use of force to elicit enjoyment and arousal. This is a gross misrepresentation of truly loving relationships. 

Normalizing crime is a moral tragedy

The day we start normalising the sexualising of children, or the use of sexual violence in any context is the day that we have officially begun to decay morally. Porn does this and more by gradually deadening our ability to find something wrong or even mildly upsetting. What’s more, is that we continue watching it even if it doesn’t stimulate or excite us anymore because we have now become so immune to and saturated by what we watch. 

Crime can’t be dressed up

Paedophilia, incest and rape are all crimes. No script or storyboard can change this fact. Pornography uses interesting lighting, bizarre camera angles and background music in an effort to cover it all up. If you have been viewing porn as entertainment thus far, it may be time to open your eyes and actually see what is being portrayed. Call it like it is. Don’t allow porn to masquerade as innocent fun. 

Desensitisation must change to re-sensitisation

While porn normalises sexual violence and deviant behaviour it also desensitises us to these highly destructive tendencies. It numbs us to others’ pain and discomfort. Worse still, we begin to draw pleasure from watching this content. The only solution to get out of this warped mindset is to reorient our mind to what’s normal and what’s not. It’s important that we begin to sensitize ourselves to humanity’s needs and the crimes that defile and dehumanize people. 

How you can help

When you make a conscious everyday decision to stop watching porn you actually take a step in the right direction. When you eventually stop watching it completely, you effectively stop being an onlooker and bystander of these crimes. Your choice to stay away from it, acquits you from being a participant and gives you the clear conscience you need, to move forward with your life. 

If you need help to overcome an addiction to pornography, you can contact us. We would love to accompany you on the journey to freedom and improved mental health.

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